Dummy Plug Book Club – Episode 4


Dummy Plug Book Club – Episode 4

The Book Club Crew talks about the 4th volume of the Sadamoto manga, including the introduction of Asuka and the humanization of Rei. Get in touch with us! Instructions below
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Dummy Plug Book Club – Episode 3


Dummy Plug Book Club – Episode 3

General Iowa and Unit-02 welcome special guest Lilith to the conversation. They discuss the merits of Volume 3 of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga by Sadamoto and the ever growing differences from it to the television series.

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Dummy Plug Podcast Special Edition 01


On a Special Edition of the Dummy Plug Podcast, Gaynor79 interviews voice acting ninja Lucas Schuneman, and talks about the many aspects of being a voice actor.
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Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 023

Dummy Plug Podcast Kaworu

Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 023 – Fan Q & A

The long awaited Fan Q & A Episode! The DPP crew take some time to answer a few e-mails from our loyal listeners. If you too would like to have a question answered, send your e-mails to dummyplugpodcast@gmail.com
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Important Podcast News!


Important Podcast News!

Hey everyone! We have some exciting news regarding The Dummy Plug Podcast! First off, we have new episodes on the way! We have the long awaited Fan Q & A episode of the main podcast, a brand spanking new episode of the Dummy Plug Book Club, and a very awesome Special Edition of the Dummy Plug Podcast featuring a a very special guest! So stay tuned to find out about that!

Second, we have expanded the podcast’s reach! We at The Dummy Plug Podcast are proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Everyone’s Got a Thing Network to not only reach a larger audience, but also so we can officially announce our return to iTunes! That’s right, the Dummy Plug Podcast is once again available on iTunes and you can subscribe and get all the episodes automatically for FREE!!! Here’s the Link to do that!

Also, for those of you not on iTunes, we will still be uploading new episodes to YouTube. You can find those here. Be sure to Like, Subscribe and Share!

So, we’d like to thank everyone who listens for all the support you guys give us and for helping us get to this point. We’re going to continue doing what we do, so we hope you’ll all keep listening and spreading the word about Evangelion.

Guys! Help Save Lilith!


Help Save Lilith!

Everyone, our friend and fellow RoE.org member vaporweva aka Lilith is in desperate need of our help. It’s a long story, but the long and short is we need to raise a little over $800 in about a week. So, if you all could do us a solid and donate any little bit you can, and repost, retweet, reblog, and anything else to get the word out, it would be greatly appreciated.

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