See You @ Anime Iowa 2014!

evangelion-panel-acen-2013 announcement

Everyone! Gaynor79 and General_Iowa will once again be hosting our ever popular “Revolution of Evangelion” panel this year at Anime Iowa 2014. This year promises to be extra special as the panel has been moved to Anime Iowa’s MAIN STAGE!!!! That’s right, the biggest room at the convention is going to be the home base for the Revolution!! Because of that, we will be doing something extra special for this momentous event. So make sure you come by!

The panel will be held on Saturday July 26th, beginning at 11am on the Main Stage. For more information, and to get the latest updates on any potential schedule changes, please download Anime Iowa’s Guidebook App.

We’ll See You @ Anime Iowa 2014!

Michael Bay to Direct Live Action Evangelion Film?!


According to a report from, Director Michael Bay (Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) has expressed interest in taking the helm of a possible live action Evangelion movie.

Bay was recently questioned by journalists if he had any interest in directing a movie based on other popular franchises after his stints with Transformers and TMNT, to which Bay replied “I don’t know if you are familiar with ‘Evangelion’ but that’s one movie that I want to direct”.

When asked if he may already be involved with filming a live action Evangelion movie, Bay simply smiled at the journalist who asked him.

Since then, there has been speculation as to whether such a project will, or may already exist. We here at will do our best to keep you updated on any new info we turn up.

Thanks to Everyone Who Joined us at Anime Central 2014!

evangelion-panel-acen-2013 announcement

We here at would like to thank everyone who came to our panels at Anime Central 2014. We had a great time talking about Evangelion with all the wonderful fans. We got to experience a lot of good cosplays, discuss some new viewpoints, and even learned some new things about Evangelion.

We also would like to congratulate the winners of the t-shirt raffle at our “Revolution of Evangelion” panel. Wear those shirts proudly everyone! And to those who didn’t win, or were asking about ordering one, we are working on getting more shirts made up and figuring out a merchandise section for the site, as well as getting a payment system set up. So please be patient. If you have any questions regarding the shirts or other site merchandise, please e-mail General_Iowa at

And lastly, we would like to send an extra big thanks to everyone who attended the “What Did Gendo Say?” and “Garden of Eva” panels that were hosted by our very own Actually_Asuka. Those were her first ever panels and you guys helped make them a rounding success. We here at the site are very proud of all the effort and work that Actually_Asuka put into her panels and hope to see her do even more in the future.

So, once again, thanks to everyone who attended! We will be seeing you again at Anime Midwest and Anime Iowa! So be sure to check us out!


Updated Anime Central Panel Info!


We have some updated Anime Central Panel info for everyone! And it’s some really exciting news!

As you already know, is hosting its “Revolution of Evangelion” Panel at Anime Central from 10am to 11am on Friday, May 16th. The panel will be hosted by site moderators Gaynor79 and  General_Iowa. We have recently received word from one of our newest members, that we now have 2 MORE panels at Anime Central!!!

Newest member Actually_Asuka will be hosting “What Did Gendo Say?: Things You Might Have Missed” from 2:45pm to 3:45pm on Friday, May 16th in the Tegal Room at the Hyatt Hotel. She will also be hosting “Garden of Eva: Religious Symbolism in Evangelion” from 11am to 12pm on Sunday, May 18th also in the Tegal Room.

Be sure to stop by and lend your support to Actually_Asuka. Let’s help make her panels a big success! Panel at Anime Central May 16th-18th


The members of will be hosting a panel at Chicago’s Anime Central convention. The convention will run from May 16th-18th, with Rebuild’s own panel titled “Revolution of Evangelion 2.22″ currently scheduled for 10:00am on Friday, in Panel Room 13 of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center (Time, Date, and Room subject to change. Please check with convention staff, or check here for announcements).

Hosting this panel with be Rebuild’s own global moderator Gaynor79, as well as global moderator General_Iowa. The format from previous panels has been reworked and streamlined for more audience participation and open discussion. All are welcome to attend, and we are currently working on some site merchandise to give to attendees. If you have attended this panel in the past, we’d love to see you again! If it’s your first time, we definitely want to meet you. So come out and show your support of Evanglion and

Yuruart Festival Holds Evangelion themed fan contest


Yuruart of Japan, the company that made the oddly cute versions of the Angels from Evangelion, has declared that April 10th will be Angel Day. In order to celebrate, Yuruart is displaying some of their works online and at the Evangelion Store in Harajuku.

In addition to the art festival, a contest will be held that will allow fans from all over the globe to submit their own works. The works can be of any medium, but must be in the style of turning the Angels into more adorable versions. The first round of the contest began on March 15th, and will run until March 31st. The second round will begin on April 1st and run until April 20th. Entries can be submitted using the following form. 4 winners will be selected and announced on April 26th, and each will receive their own Sachiel Paperweight.

For more info, and to see some of the other products that will be featured at the festival, visit ANN.

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