The Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 17

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The Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 17 – Analyzing Animator Expo

The crew examines the Animator Expo Shorts including Me!Me!Me!, Until You Come to Me, and Another Impact.
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Episode 17

The Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 016


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The Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 016 : You Are (not) Live from Uchi-Con 2015

Gaynor79 and General_Iowa take the show on the road to Uchi-Con 2015. Topics include the release of Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33, when we can expect the last Rebuild movie, as well as Project Longinus. Plus, audience Q&A!

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Episode 16

Important Podcast Announcement

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Important Podcast Announcement

So, due to reasons beyond the control of those in The Dummy Plug Podcast, we can’t upload any new content to iTunes, or even directly to the website (For more on this, visit the “State of the Podcast” thread on the Forum).  But fear not! New content is coming.  And it will be uploaded and available for your listening pleasure on our all new YouTube Channel! There will be more information about that in the next News Post. As for when you can expect the new content, we will be attempting to get that available in mere hours. We will also be working to upload the previous episodes to this new YouTube account, so if you haven’t been able to listen before, this will be a great chance to get caught up and listen to the best Evangelion based podcast in North America. So, stay tuned!

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